Feb Makers Academy graduation

Celebrate Feb cohort graduation

Img 2093 James & Diegos Party

Lots of food!

I like burgers

Thai Thai Night

Come to mine for a night of Thai cooking. There will be pad thai, green curry, red curry & laksa followed by some delicious Thai desserts. I learnt to cook whilst travelling in Thailand & hope you can join me!

Chips and Burgers

Chips and Burgers

Ts gruenkohl 068 German Grünkohl

I want to introduce you to a traditional german kale dish. I bring the Grünkohl, Potatoes and Fries. Please bring some drinks.

Barbecue Sunday BBQ at mine

Now that spring is here I am going to have a barbecue at my flat and would like to meet a few more local people.

Cupcake Cake Party!

A dinner dedicated to the best thing in the world - cakes! Bake them, buy them, just bring there here!

Mexican Mexican Night

Come join me for a night of tacos, burritos & enchiladas, tequila NOT optional!

Nicks pizza from nyc Pizza Night

Pizza is an oven-baked flat bread generally topped with tomato sauce and cheese.

Herbalife products l 450x390 Herbalife Shakes

Sharing healthy products

Fondue Fondue Party

time for some cheesy goodness - who wants to join me?

Car Carbonara Deluxe

Wir kochen die perfekten Carbonara - habe ein top Rezept von meiner Mutter, die aus Italien kommt.

Pastapesto Pesto Lunch

Pesto alla genovese for everybody!

Felafel Felafel explosion

Too much felafel

Wine and cheese 3 Wine & Cheese

Fine wines and cheeses this evening

5159644682 4af1c71ae3 o Kanishk's amazing meatballs

Brown rice, spinach and cranberry salad and lots of meatballs

Picnic Carrie's Picnic

Picnic at a rooftop park!

Home cooking Making a Casserole

I am making a Casserole on Friday night and wondered if anyone would like to join me

Currydishes Curry night

Its Friday night so lets have a curry - I will get my secret special spice blends ready

Steak tartar1 French Food Night

Steak Tartare and Potatoes

Sushi Sushi night

We'll be making sushi! Yay

Dinner party 3 Course Dinner

I feel like practicing my chef skills and cooking a 3 course evening dinner

Dimsum Dim Sum Symposium

Dumplings galore - steamed and grilled with all manner of different fillings

Pasty Cornish Pasty Lunch

I have made a few cornish pasties and have some spare - would any one like to try one?

Garlic roast chicken Sunday roast

Massive Chicken with all the trimmings

Fish Fush & Chups

Come and enjoy the best fush & chups on the planet!

Img 2093 THomas Second Party

A Party to celebrate

Steak5 Steak and Chips

An evening of steak and chips